The Bubbly Pool in Virgin Islands

The Bubbly Pool: A Jost Van Dyke Treasure

Surrounded by rock cliffs, the Bubbly Pool is located on the east end of Jost Van Dyke on the British Virgin Islands just past Foxy’s Taboo. Only a scenic 20 min hike from the famous Foxy’s Taboo, you’ll find this hidden gem.

The Bubbly Pool Scenery

The hike features natural flora and fauna including, island goats, pelicans, conch, cacti and numerous other plant species.  Your captain leads the way down the easily navigated trail crossing over the peninsula between Long Bay and Cape Wright salt pond.

What to do at the Bubbly Pool:


As soon as you arrive, relax in the natural pool as waves crash through a small gap in the cliffs and create a natural fizzy bubble bath or as we call it, Mother Nature’s Jacuzzi. When the north swell is up, the pool bubbles and makes for an amazing experience! If the Atlantic is calm, expect that the Bubbly Pool will be too.  It is still a great place to take a dip and check out the little reef fish.  Therefore, the Bubbly Pool is an invigorating experience under the right conditions or a tranquil lull in a busy Jost Van Dyke day.

Climb and Click

The Bubbly Pool also creates an excellent photo-op as the vantage point is high up on the hillside looking out towards Tortola.  Also, a great vantage point of the beautiful views of the Jost Van Dyke coastline.

What to bring:

  • Your towel
  • A drink (***The Bubbly Pool is, of course, very wet but the walk back might leave you feeling a bit dry.)
  • Definitely the camera
  • Shoes or beach sandals for the hike
  • Your passport, did you know that?

Captain’s Note:

Most of all, we ask all guests to remember mother nature is stronger than you.  If your captain deems that the conditions unsafe, we will advise you to not enter the pools.

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