Cane Garden Bay in the Virgin Islands

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay near Road Town is on the north side of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Home to beautiful beaches, restaurants, bars, shops, and an active local community, mountains and lush vegetation as well as an outer reef protect this popular destination. It is the “Magen’s Bay” of the British Virgin Islands and the home to the Callwood Rum Distillery.

Things to Do

Grab a mask, some flippers, and a snorkel from the boat and swim around the reef. The sea life here includes octopus, parrot fish, and lobsters. Take a stroll along the beach and breath in the lightly salted air.

Want to spend the day in Cane Garden Bay, let your captain know. There are nearby landmark attractions like the John Lettsom Home, a historical site and home to an 18th century Quaker physician who freed all of his slaves. Nearby Shark Bay National Park is a hiker’s dream boasting beautiful views spanning 18.4 acres.

Where to Eat

Grab a bite to eat at Myett’s Garden and Grill. Try the Conch Fritters or the Conch Chowder. If you are in an island-state-of-mind, their specialty frozen drinks like the Myett’s Delight and the Sunburn make the day a little cooler.

Open Tuesday through Sunday, the Elm serves an awesome Chicken Roti and Shrimp Curry, but it is the barbecue on Fridays and Sundays that puts this place on the map! Fish, chicken, ribs, whatever fits on the grill, the Elm barbecues it.

Captain’s Note:

Best to visit Cane Garden Bay at the beginning or the end of the day. The beach gets a bit crowded in the late mornings and afternoons.

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