The Caves and the Indians in the Virgin Islands

Snorkeling Around Norman Island

The Caves and Indians are located just off the coast of Norman Island in British waters, these snorkel sights are second to none! Thought to be the muse for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, snorkeling at the Caves and the Indians is legendary.

The Indians

Pelican Island hosts rock formations known as the Indians. It gets its name because the rocks resemble an Indian’s headdress. Rated a 5 out 5 on the snorkeling scale, the Indians offer snorkelers a look into an underwater labyrinth of coral gardens and bright colored reef fish. Swim through tunnels of rocks and look for damsel fish, blue tang, and flatworms in the “fish bowl” on the northeast side. Be careful of the strong currents since the Indians sit outside the calm Norman Island waters.

The Caves

Around the southern tip of Norman Island in the calm waters are caves that go deep into the island’s interior as much as seventy feet into darkness. The Caves offer underwater caves and fish with exceptionally calm waters protected by Norman Island. For the snorkeler in the group this is a must see. Be sure to plan this visit early in the day. This hotspot gets busy in the afternoons.

Captain’s Note:

Bring a waterproof flashlight. If you can muster the strength to explore the darkness, you may find wall etchings from century’s past.

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