boy with hermit crab on Happy Island

Happy Island

Happy Island is the home of the happy hermit crabs!  Also called Cas Cay, this undeveloped island is an ecological paradise and protected under the Department of Natural Resources.

Where is Happy Island located?

This quite little island retreat located just off the east end of St. Thomas is a favorite spot for the nature enthusiast and kids on board the boat.

So what does a Happy Island hermit crab like to eat?

Thousands of hermit crabs call Happy Island home and they love it when people bring them a snack.  Hermit crabs will eat literally anything but prefer pretzels and chocolate candy bars. So what do wild hermit crabs typically eat aside from pretzels and chocolate candy bars, they love fruit that has fallen from trees, decaying wood, mulched leaves, plants, grasses, and items washed ashore.  In the wild, they are omnivores so plants and algae are their mainstay.  Hermit crabs are also scavengers and will often eat parts of a dead animal that has washed up or on the ocean’s floor. Wild hermit crabs are considered “the vulture of the sea and will feast on sea horses, other crabs, dead fish and squid.”

Let the hermit crab races begin!

The crabs love to race in between snacks and Capt. Dusty is tough to beat with his crab “Rudy”.  Pick out a crab that looks fast and see who will cross the finish line first! Real “island entertainment” fun for all ages.

Other things to do on Happy Island

The island also has a trail that can be walked in flip flops and it takes around 40 minutes to travel around.

On the eastern tip of the island, there are blow holes where the ocean water blasts through crevices in the volcanic rock, making for a great family picture back drop.

The island also has a vast collection of seashells and the occasional piece of Caribbean sea glass.

Snorkeling at Happy Island is also an option. The clear shallow waters host a variety of species of reef fish, sting rays, lobster and sometimes even baby nurse shark.

For those who just want to relax with a beer in hand, the water around Happy Island is extremely shallow and warm with a sandy sea floor.  Kick back and enjoy the sand in your toes.

The Good Day Charters family often relaxes here on a day off, along with our island dogs. Join us for a relaxing day at Happy Island, our little happy place.

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