St. John Cruz Bay in the Virgin Islands

About St. John

The main town on St. John is called Cruz Bay. This island retreat has it all – history, bars, shopping, hiking, or just decompressing on the beach doing nothing.

What is the history of St. John?

Prior to the 1300s, Taino Indians migrated from South America, archeologists believe, living in seclusion and peacefully.  In the early 1300s, the Caribs, mainland neighbors, replaced the Taino Indians through warfare and potentially cannibalism to become the dominant inhabitants of the island.

Fast forward to the late 1400s, Christopher Columbus became the first European to set foot on what he called the “Virgin Islands” in honor of the feast day of St. Ursula.

The Virgin Island’s became legendary for the next two hundred years due to piracy, slavery, immorality, and reckless abandon.

In the 1700s, permanent settlers from the Danish West India and Guinea Company arrived.  Sugar cane, cotton, and tobacco plantations were established due to the hot climate and fertile soil.

In 1917, St. John was purchased by the United States for $25 million paid to Denmark to establish a naval base during World War I.  In 1956, Laurence Rockefeller purchased most of the island, approximately 5000 acres, to turn it into a protected park under federal government control.

Things to Do

St. John Beaches

World class beaches like Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay beaches are a small park entry fee of $4/day per person and well worth the price of admission.  Light turquoise water, visibility to the ocean floor, coral, sea turtles, and stingrays are prevalent all year.  Snorkeling is a perfect way to experience sea life on St. John

St. John Bars

Beach bars like, well, the Beach Bar sits on the water at Wharfside Village and on the opposite side of the marina, the Longboard.  The Beach Bar’s Bushwhacker comes topped with a chocolate sauce skull and crossbones.  The Longboard is known for their World Famous frozen Painkiller.

Shopping in St. John

Shopping at Mongoose Junction near the National Park Visitor’s Center with places like Best of Both Worlds jewelry and art gallery and Made in St. John reflect the spirit of the island.

Relaxing is also an option…

If you want to just relax, spend the afternoon here enjoying the view and a cold beer.

Getting There

St. John is just a quick boat ride on one of from St Thomas.  Just let us know to add it to your itinerary.

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