The Baths in the British Virgin Islands

The Baths on Virgin Gorda BVI

The Baths are situated just south of the main town, Spanish Town, on the British island of Virgin Gorda. Formed by under water volcanic eruptions, these huge granite boulders consist of tunnels, arches, tidal pools and massive grottoes.

There is a small fee to get into the British National Park.

How To Get There

Guests swim into the Baths from the boat or taxi in from Spanish Town. This natural landmark is ideal for the snorkeler and beach goer alike. Explore the beautiful rock formations by way of winding trails or through the water.

The Travel Channel touts that it is unlike any other beach in the Caribbean.

Captain’s Note:

Visit the Baths in the morning after checking into the British Virgin Islands. We will flag down a taxi for you. Drivers wait at the entrance to the park and when you finish exploring, the driver will bring you back to the boat.

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