No storm can hold us down!

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As you all know St Thomas and other surrounding islands were struck by two category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria in September. The affect it had on the islands were devastating. All incoming tourism stopped.

Good Day Charters was very lucky in many ways. All the boats in our fleet survived with very little damage. Our office had some flooding but nothing like other places. Our captains are ok and their families as well.

We’d like to thank all our guests for your patience and understanding during this time. The islands are bouncing back quickly. Power is being restored, life is slowly getting back to normal, the mountains are green again and the water blue and clear as always. The beauty the Caribbean has to offer, can never be taken away by any storm, it will always come back no matter what.

The islands are here for everyone and we need all the support from tourism as possible. We finally began doing business by Thanksgiving again and we at Good Day Charters look forward to see you all in paradise boating with us, old and new friends!