The Sandy Spit, Virgin Islands

Top 10 Things To Do in the Virgin Islands!

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Take a stroll around your “own” Caribbean island, Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands.

This is a list of the Top 10 things to do in the Virgin Islands (according to what we like)!  (Definitely “must do’s”)

Top 10 Things to Do:

Go boating!

See the beautiful islands from the water with one of our power boats! You get to see a different perspective how the islands rise and steeps down under the water.

Go snorkeling!

It’s a great way to see the unspoiled beauty that lives below the surface of the water. The Indian’s off Norman Island is a snorkelers’ paradise.

Grab a Painkiller drink!

The original Painkiller drink comes from Soggy Dollar Bar located on White Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke. Sit down, relax and meet people from all over the world.

Combine shopping and sightseeing!

Go to downtown Charlotte Amalie and walk around in the old Danish alleys while you can shop tax free jewelry and other Caribbean items.

Go to St John!

On this island you can find some of the most beautiful beaches like Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay. At night go to Cruz Bay for a delicious dinner at some of the local restaurants like Rhumb Lines, Las Tapas or why not a cheesy pizza from Joe’s Rum Hut.

Make sure you go to Magen’s Bay!

A truly outstanding beach on St Thomas. Make sure to go when there are not that many cruise ships in port, that leaves you almost alone on this 1 mile long beach!

Go to Sandy Spit!

If you ever wanted to try the feeling of being left alone on an island, travel to Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands, a sandy little island in the middle of the ocean. We can take you here on a private boat rental!

Grab a bite to eat in St. Thomas!

Are you looking to grab a good bite somewhere? St Thomas has some great restaurants such as Pesce, Havana Blue, XO Bistro, Island Time Pub (ITP), The Grille Room, Room with a View and many more!

Snorkel above the Rhone Shipwreck!

If you have never jumped off a boat into waters that are roughly 20 feet deep with a shipwreck at your fingertips, this is a definite must do!  The Rhone sank near Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands and rests calmly and quietly in shallow waters.  It will take your breath away.

Dance the night away at Duffy’s Love Shack!

Last but definitely not least, go for some dancing at Duffy’s Love shack in the middle of a parking lot in Red Hook, St Thomas. They play some great beats, serve excellent frozen drinks and you get to keep your cup as a souvenir to bring back home!

We at Good Day Charters hope you will enjoy your stay!